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Technology hates me...

I hear this phrase a lot in my daily life and you know what... me too! It seems that the products that claim to be intuitive and user-friendly are the worst. I have made a promise to myself to not get into specific products on my posts so I will give some general examples. My mom wanted to add an email address to her phone, simple enough right? When you click the section to add an email address it gave a few choices to types of email but none of them said "regular email" or "Hotmail"; so what to many of us would seem like a mundane task was suddenly a challenge. For those who are thinking my mom must just be bad with technology (she definitely is) answer this question, do you know what an IMAP email box is? That is the choice that you had to make to set up Hotmail.

We frequently eat at a local restaurant that has a rewards program. In order to take advantage of the reward you simply scan your receipt with your phone camera and alakazam boom, you get your points. Except for one problem, until about a week ago the camera scan part only worked about 1 out of 5 times. So you had to enter a 586 character (or 15, but who's counting) code from your receipt and maybe it went through.

These are just a couple of the thousands of examples I have experienced with user-friendly technology. This is precisely why you need a technology specialist in your life to help smooth out the rough edges of everyday technology. Especially if you are building a home or business location. I can promise you that your son/daughter/nephew/cousin who is a master of google and youtube will not deliver the kind of results you want on those projects. Yes I know, they got your printer working and set your tv to the right input; but planning and deploying an easy-to-use and enjoyable technology experience takes far more knowledge and experience. Would you take a Facebook poll to determine a medical diagnosis? YOLO right... of course not, that's a job for a professional. My father and grandfather always told me to make sure I had the right tool for the job. A Technology Specialist is the right tool for all of your technology jobs. Give us a call because if you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. Only one printer was harmed in the making of this blog picture. Have an awesome day!

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