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Quality selection not brand loyalty

I get asked a lot what my favorite TV is. What this question should be asking and what the person is actually looking for is rarely the same thing. My favorite TV is the one in my living room. I rarely watch it but when I do I really enjoy it. Now, the question they are asking what is my opinion on the best TV. Opinions are a strange thing and I try very hard to keep them out of my business decisions. My follow-up is to ask three questions. How is the tv going to be used? Movies, sports, news, network tv, Netflix? Where will it be installed? Media room, living room, outside? How much light is in the room when you watch? If you want the scientific answer to this question it's easy, the best all-around tv on the market is a Sony OLED. According to the amazing people at Value Electronics along with a team of expert calibrators and industry titans like my good friend Brent McCall, we have that answer. That answer is far too simple, but it is the truth. However, those work very poorly outside. They are also not as bright as a Samsung QLED. So if you watch tv in a bright room you may want the Samsung. What if the budget is a concern? The LG OLED finished 2nd, 5 points behind the Sony OLED (same glass and panel) on a 1400 point scale, and is $1000 cheaper.

The thing I want you to notice is that only once have I given my opinion, in the very beginning. In our world, there are enough people giving opinions based on nothing. When you are dealing with a professional they should always have solid data to back up their opinion. Ask them to explain. Someone confident in their advice should have no problem explaining why. Even now many of you are probably shocked to find out that Samsung is 3rd on TV picture quality, but you can google "TV Shootout" by Value Electronics and see why I have an OLED in my living room and not a QLED. Brand loyalty and recognition are the absolute worst reasons to buy a product. Find a reliable source and make an educated decision on how to spend your money.

On the side of my work vehicles and on my business cards is the saying "If better is possible, Good is not enough". It doesn't say "If I see a lot of ads for a brand it must be great". Treat yourself with the respect you deserve and get the best product for your budget. Our job is to weed through all of the noise and be educated on what is objectively the better product, not what we like. At ProAudio we are technology specialists, not brand ambassadors. Our decades of experience, deep industry perspective, and solid relationships with our vendors allow us to bring you the best available products. We then integrate those products into your life in a way that is seamless and simple. We would love to be your experts when it comes to technology in your home or business. Have an amazing day!

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