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RTI and Josh.AI Integration

For years many of us have wanted to Integrate our RTI control systems directly with our JoshAI voice system. The extreme stability and customization of the RTI platform marries perfectly with the high-end clientele that we service. The JoshAI platform brings the security and reliability of Natural Speech Pattern control that we all have been searching for. To bring these two together has been a struggle and as integrators we have been told it just wasn't possible. Some have done this by using the Lutron system or some other system as a third-party interpreter but that is messy and does not provide the stability of a one-to-one interface. The wait is over! In this document you will find the process of combining these two systems seamlessly. I want to thank the team at JoshAI as well as a couple of my fellow integrators for helping me get this across the finish line. Without further delay here we go.

Step 1) download the RTI HTTP Server driver from the RTI driver store. Unzip the driver package into whatever folder you have designated as your driver folder.

Step 2) Open the program for the job site that has the RTI system and Josh system both installed and running on the same network. If you are using VLAN's be sure that the Josh device is able to communicate with the RTI processor.

Step 3) Add the RTI HTTP Server driver to the project. If you need further information on doing these please refer to the RTI training modules. If you are not familiar with this process you should probably not proceed from here. Have someone help you with this. I will be assuming from this point forward that you have completed all RTI training and JoshAI training and if you haven't you could create some problems for yourself and your client.

Step 4) Setup the RTI HTTP Driver - the port number is critical and can be left at default for almost all systems. The Heading and Text boxes do not matter for final operation. Leave the Render Buttons box unchecked. The Number of events box is exactly what it says, how many events/activities do you want JoshAI to control in your RTI system. Please see the picture for how my demo system is setup.

Step 5) Define what each event will trigger in the RTI system. Choose the Driver Events tab, select an Event and assign it an activity. This is fully explained in the Driver information documentation and is extremely simple.

Step 6) Save and upload your program to the RTI processor.

Step 7) Open your JoshAI portal for the project you are working on.

Step 8) On the left side of the screen select the "Scenes" tab

Step 9) On the bottom left of the screen select the "ADD SCENE" button.

Step 10) Enter a scene name that describes what your scene is doing and press the "ADD SCENE" button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select the scene you just added on the left side of the screen.

Step 11) Under the "SCENE ACTIONS" tab in the top middle of the screen you will a Custom Command Box. On line one of that box enter this command exactly as I have entered it but with your information. Place your RTI Processor IP address where I have . Place the port you entered in the RTI driver where I have 8080 . and follow it by the command you want Josh to trigger. In my case, you are looking at my shut-down command. See the picture below for my exact entry. CRITICAL!! Syntax is everything, do not add spaces or anything you don't see present in my entry.

Step 12) Once you have finished the previous step you have a functioning voice command. You can test the command by pressing "RUN SCENE" button at the top of the JoshAI page. Since we never stop at "good enough" I will show you how to further customize the experience.

Step 13) Choose the "TRIGGERS" tab at the top middle of the Josh portal. The system will automatically respond to the name of the scene but you can add aliases to ensure that no matter what you say the scene still works. See the picture below for what I have done. It's always important to make sure that your client doesn't have to say the exact perfect phrase for the system to work, so get creative with your aliases.

Step 14) Finally, let's change what Josh says when you trigger each Activity. Choose the "RESPONSES" tab at the top of the Josh portal and make the changes you feel suit your client best. See the picture for what my test system announces.

That's all!! It's that simple and it works perfectly. No keys to initialize, and no extra codes to enter. Simple direct control of your AV System from JoshAI to RTI. Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems getting this to work. I am sure you find the process extremely simple and ultra-reliable. Have an amazing day!

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