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Discover home automation and domotics solutions for your Distincive Luxury residence or Commercial office that can integrate Climate control, Security services, professional surveillance technologies, as well as commercial networking services, remote access services as well as professional audio and video distribution systems in the greater Atlanta GA area as well as the rest of the Southeastern United States!

Discover how

Home Automation

can simplify your life!

Serving all of Georgia and the Southeastern United States including Atlanta, Marietta, Columbus, Birmingham, Nashville, and Charleston...

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation simply put is the coherent management of your home's many systems.  These control energy usage, security aspects of the home, atmosphere, comfort, and integration of entertainment services in the home such as a custom home theater, or whole-home audio systems.


Many aspects of home automation and integration fall under safety and security.  Automated low voltage lighting control systems can create the illusion that a home is occupied when it is not - such as when you might be on vacation or at another home altogether.  Varying lighting scenes can thwart a nefarious character who wants to remain unseen and undetected, avoiding confrontation and capture.  Automated and triggered lighting scenes can automatically put light when and where it is needed hands-free.  For example, a home automation system can provide a safe path of light in the middle of the night to anywhere inside or outside the home.  Integrated smart security systems and camera systems stand guard to protect your family.  These smart home systems also provide remote monitoring and control to provide that extra security and control when you need it no matter where you are in the world.


Smart thermostats, motorized shades, low voltage lighting control systems all keep your home as energy efficient as possible by monitoring activity, and controlling resources in the home 24/7.  Your needs can be tracked and adjusted as needed in real-time so that you don't need to spend an extra penny on wasted electricity ever again.  Control your lighting and automated shades with the natural cycles of the sun to allow sunlight in when it is appropriate as well as turn on or off lighting also when and where appropriate on an automatic schedule without the need for daily intervention or doing "rounds" of the house as the day progresses. Smart automation systems can also be configured to know who is in the home and what that person's personal preferences are as far as climate control, lighting, security, entertainment, and general atmosphere.


Integrating home automation with the systems in your home creates a comfortable environment.  With whole-house audio and distributed video, TV services such as cable TV, Satellite services, high-quality 4k streaming services, mean that each person can have their entertainment where and when they want it.  Using your smart lighting, integrated HVAC, and more creates a great atmosphere at the touch of a button or voice command and will certainly increase the overall comfort level in your home and in your life.  Just the way you want it!  Go from a business work at home atmosphere to a whole home lighting and entertainment scene for that evening get-together, complete with music, ambient lighting scenes, and climate control!  Why not fire up the hot tub or pool while you are at it - from the comfort of your living room instantly and without having to go down and do these things by hand.


Smart Home devices are generally controlled via a smartphone app, tablet, tabletop, or in-wall touch panel displays of varying configuration and purpose.   Every aspect of your home's custom electronics package can be controlled locally or remotely so if you forgot to set the alarm - no problem - set it from your phone.  Forgot to turn on the automated security lighting scenes before leaving for Hong Kong?  No worries - you can turn on that feature anywhere in the world without having to call someone to go over to your house.  Need to unlock the side door or open a garage door for a guest or contractor trying to work?  again - you can do any of this from anywhere at any time right from your phone.  We only use proven home automation software and gear so that you can keep it ALL under control with the most reliable and proven home automation systems in the world!

Integrated and Automated Home theater system near Atlanta GA featuring a professional custom home theater installation with high performance audio and video services and distribution systems...

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