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Enjoy a Professionally installed high end custom home theater professionally installed in your Atlanta area Luxury home or anywhere in Georgia...

Discover your 

Custom Home Theater System

By ProAudio Georgia

Serving all of Georgia and the Southeastern United States including Atlanta, Marietta, Columbus, Birmingham, Nashville, and Charleston...

Our process of home theater design and installation:

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their home and the entertainment options that they build into it.  The Luxury home is an expression of one’s own unique style and vision, and your custom home theater installation should not be any different.  If you are considering the professional installation of a home cinema system, let’s talk.  Let us look at your unique ideas and requirements for your entertainment system, then give you a design that will bring years of enjoyment and wonder for your family.  

Custom Home Theater Designs and renderings for Atlanta GA in Fulton County Georgia.  Professional Custom Home theater design and installation services...
Completed Custom Home Theater with Video Wall Installed and 7.2 Surroud Sound - We serve the Greater Atlanta Fulton County area including Marietta and Lagrange GA

Let’s Collaborate

We would like to get to know you and your particular design and installation requirements for your custom home theater system.  Talking about your needs for the space that we must work with, the aesthetic requirements of the room, as well as acoustic considerations can determine the type of system that would be appropriate for the space.  The difference between different design aspects that include elements of automation (such as motorized shades, screens, drapes, and such) can have a drastic impact on the feel and performance of a home cinema.  Let us talk about what needs you have as far as sound reproduction, what level of acoustic treatment the room might need, as well as what kind of video experience you are looking for.  There is a big difference between big and loud and a quality custom surround sound installation that is tuned to the room as well as your personal sound and video preferences…  Contact us today to see how we can spice up the entertainment quality in your luxury home!

Let’s Design it!  

This is the portion of the home theater project where form and function come together. Attention to detail makes the difference.  From what color and style shades, seating, and flooring you are using to what equipment is needed to reproduce sound the way the movie director intended, we consider every detail.  Looking at all of the elements of the design and how it all comes together to create the perfect experience is where we differentiate ourselves from others.  Putting together the elements of the overall theater design into a functional plan from how the system is controlled (via smartphone, tablet, in-wall touch panel etc.) to how the system will perform, while listening to what you desire from the system, gives your system the distinction of being absolutely original.  We design your custom home theater right down to the last screw so that the system will not only perform intuitively but will come alive at the touch of a button.

Custom Home Theater with 110 inch screen and 7.1 Surround sound professionally installed in Atlanta GA, Fulton County, Also Serving all of georgia including Lagrange and Marietta as well as the rest of the Southeast United States...
Custom 7.1 Home Theater installed with 110 inch screen and custom Theater seating in the Atlanta GA area, Fulton County Georgia...

Programming and Configuration

Our certified and highly skilled technicians are professionals at designing home theater systems that are immersive, intuitive, and certainly elegant.  During this phase of your custom theater project, we ensure that the systems we are installing not only work well together but offer the best performance that certainly exceeds expectations.  Not only will your new home theater be easily controlled, but the system can also be controlled any way you want.  You can use voice control, hand-held remote control, tablets, smartphones, or custom in-wall touch panels and custom keypads.

The Installation and Handoff!

Our team of professional and experienced installers work efficiently and with minimal disruption within your home.  We ensure that the work area is organized and cleaned beyond any expectations at the end of each day we work.  Once the theater equipment has been completely installed, we calibrate it to the room.  This is the part that makes your custom home theater shine.  Tuning the sound to the acoustics of the room brings out the subtle tones and sounds, tunes the bass response and ensures that all the sound that the director intends to reach your ear does so at the right moment in crystal clear, epic sound quality.   Before we are completely done, we go through all the options that we have discussed thoroughly so that you have no questions as far as how to operate your new home cinema and can start enjoying the sights and the sounds of your new professional surround sound system immediately!     

Custom Recreation room with Professional 7.1 Home Theater surround sound, professional flatscreen installation, videoand audio whole home distribution as well as elements of lighting control and home automation in the Atlanta Georgia area...

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need help deciding what furnishings and equipment can fit or work best in my new Home Theater space?

We have been designing and building immersive custom home theater spaces with the highest quality furnishings, finishing, and equipment available -since 2005.  We should meet and look at the space together to see what we are working with as well as understand what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve at the completion of the project.   We have done small projects that covered the basics, and we have done elaborate fully automated ISF-certified home theater systems upwards of $250,000!  When we meet for our free no-obligation consultation, we will first look at what you want.  Are you looking for the 5.1 surround sound system or are you looking for a more elaborate and immersive Dolby Atmos theater set-up that will make you wonder if you are really in the movie?  Many design aspects affect the final product.  We measure the space and look at any architectural renderings of the theater space that you may already have, and look at the project overall to determine what the requirements of the home theater system are.  Determining the budget is critical as well as what functionality you are requiring.  We look at furnishings, speaker styles (in-wall installations, floor standing, inwall installed behind an acoustically transparent screen), and many other options.  We can offer options that you as the clients may not be aware even exist!  Feel Free to reach out to us any time to discuss your home cinema project…


Are your prices competitive?


Absolutely!  We aim to create an immersive and fun home theater space on any budget!  We pride ourselves on being able to balance price and a high-quality home theater system installation based on your requirements and budget.  We utilize a network of suppliers and direct manufacturer relationships to provide not only the best equipment and cutting-edge technology in the home theater market, but we do this at extremely competitive pricing!


Do you sell speakers, receivers, or televisions?


We sure do!  We have relationships with exceptional residential and commercial audio and video equipment manufacturers. Supplying equipment from LG, Sony, Yamaha, AudioControl, Samsung, Totem Acoustics, Origin Acoustics, RTI, Lutron lighting control, and many many more!  We can provide all the equipment needed for the most demanding integrated smart home or home theater installation right down to the last nut and bolt...


Can you integrate existing equipment into our new home theater installation?


Yes!  We do a lot of work where a previous integrator or home theater installer simply did not provide a level of satisfaction or functionality that was required by the owner of a luxury custom home.  In fact, we have taken over projects that a previous installer could not even turn on!  WOW!  So, to answer the question yes – we have plenty of experience integrating pre-existing equipment with newer technologies and gear to provide some of the highest quality and utterly amazing residential theater systems in the southeast!  So, if you are looking to own an amazing custom home theater anywhere in Georgia or the Southeastern United States – feel free to reach out with any questions you may have…

Professional Custom Home Theater options including 4k Video distribution, High Performance audiophile quality audio sound, Surround sound options THX certification, and much more for the Atlanta GA area including Lagrange and Marietta Georgia as well as the Southeastern United States...


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