Home Automation Project including Low Voltage Lighting Control and Configuration as well as automation of lighting, video and audio scenes and control throughout this luxury home.  Also includes Security and surveillance integration and automation services in the Greater Atlanta GA Area as well as the Southeastern United States!

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Home automation systems such as ours can offer many benefits and conveniences to life as well as offer security to your family, energy monitoring and control (efficiency) remote control technologies, smart home monitoring and more!  Imagine setting the lighting throughout the home with the single push of a button as opposed to walking the entire 20,000 square feet and flipping each switch by hand.  The fully integrated home automation systems that we offer are always installed with forward thinking leaving open the future integration of emerging technologies.  Our systems are reliable and are rock solid every time you use them.  The home automation systems that we deploy are proven systems with years and years of reliability in residential and commercial settings.  Contact us today to see how we can integrate your Atlanta luxury home systems today!  

Home automation featuring low voltage Lutron Lighting Control, whole house audio and video distribution as well as security and CCTV integration in the Atlanta area near Lagrange GA, we also serve all of Georgia and the Southeastern United States...

Home Automation or “Domotics” is the seamless integration of technologies and control software to grant access and control of each aspect of a home automation installation to homeowners.   Some of these aspects of home automation technologies are low voltage lighting control systems such as Lutron, Automatic and motorized shading, LCD window shading, HVAC Systems monitoring and control, Audio switching and distribution, video switching and distribution, security systems, surveillance systems as well as intercom systems.  Other aspects of some Home automation systems can also include gate access and control, door access control, monitoring and controlling aspects of pool and spa temperature and filtration systems, automated landscape irrigation systems, and so much more!!

Distributing High quality video such as 4K UHD signals and source switching is by far one of the most actively engaging experiences within the automated smart home.  Everybody tends to watch TV at some point, and a good control system such as RTI will flawlessly turn needed equipment on such as TV’s, receivers, signal sources such as a Roku or waking up an Apple TV.  Utilizing custom programming your specific components are automatically switched to the right inputs, commands are sent to make sure audio signals are being properly decoded and sent the right endpoint, video is being sent in the correct format to the correct endpoint and other options such as drop-down screens or hidden TVs in a wall or lift mechanism is activated properly.  In our office one of the options, we have is to use a JVC NX7 4K projector or a LG OLED wallpaper TV.  If we choose the TV of course it, the receiver and signal sources are woken up, and set to view High quality UHD 4k video and options for controlling the system appear on our 11-inch KA11 Touch panel.  If we choose the projector – a separate set of custom commands are sent to lower the screen, lower the projector out of the ceiling and send audio and video to its appropriate outputs and of course in the correct format for the highest quality video and audio the system can produce…

Custom Luxury Home Automation featured with Whole Home Audio and Video Distribution, Professional 7.1 Home Theater installation, Featuring High performance audio and video switching as well as CCTV, Security integration and control as well as numerous custom Home automation scenes.  ProAudio Georgia serves the Greater Atlanta Area, Fulton County as well as Lagrange, Marietta, and the rest of the Southeastern United States...
High Performance Audio integrated with RTI and Lutron to create an array of Home automation scenes that perfectly suit the homeowners lyfestyle!  Enjoy Full 4k Video, high performance audio, and the peace of mind of integrated and automated security and surveillance technologies in the Greater Atlanta Georgia area as well as the entire Southeastern United States...

High performance audio distribution is another basic aspect of home automation system functionality.  The ability to stream high quality audio from a smartphone, music server such as Yamaha’s MusicCast system or other streaming service – heck even an old-fashioned turntable, is a definite must in the modern luxury home.  Immersive audio components that are woven into the design of your home is our specialty.  Some folks want to see speakers as a centerpiece in a room, others just want to hear the music without being able to see where the music is coming from.  It is all a choice and an option depending on your needs and personal preferences.  We would be happy to consult with your architect or designer to ensure that each element of your distributed music system is placed exactly where it is needed, by the plan to not only deliver the best optical aesthetic, but the best high-quality sound you require!

There are so many low voltage lighting control options available, so which one is right for your Atlanta Home?  For example, you are remodeling and replacing all your breaker panels may not be feasible.  Lutron carries a lighting system just for this purpose and is by far one of the most stable and reliable systems in the industry.  From small homes to the largest most complex lighting scenarios that are3 out there, these systems not only can control your lights, but can control groups of lighting circuits, incorporate scenes that cover the entire home inside and out, control shade and lighting scenes based on the position of the sun and so much more!  Just landed in Hong Kong and your realized that you left all the lights on in the house?  No worries –you can activate away scenes, turn on and off lights, activate shades and really every aspect of your smart home – right from your phone, from anywhere in the world.  New Construction?  Lutron’s HomeWorks QS, a fully integrated complete smart lighting solution for the luxury home market may be the solution for you…  Contact us for more information on how these lighting systems can make you life easier and save you money, not to mention how they will certainly impress your neighbors!

Professional Home Automation systems installed near Atlanta Ga that includes Low Voltage Lighting Control by Lutron Systems as well as a Savant Integration System controlling lighting, video and audio services as well as other technology with this distinctive luxury home located in the Southeastern United States...
Professional Home Automation example featuring Access Control, remote access, Whole Home high end audio distribution, professional video distribution, as well as a custom home theater in the greater Atlanta area...

HVAC is by far the most demanding and power-hungry system in your home! (Unless you are running the stove all day and night)  Integrated smart thermostats that can send information right to your smartphone or touch panel interface not only let you know when the climate of an area of your house needs attention, but offers you the option to set temperature and humidity, you can set climate scenes that follow the day/night cycle, integrating automatic shades that let sun in when needed, or block the sun when needed.  Other climate scenes may be desired that set the mood for movie night where temperature is adjusted automatically in the theater at the push of a button.  Other systems can be included in the scene where lights dim, equipment turns on and your movie starts all with a single voice command or button press.

Home security systems can be integrated so that you can monitor the status of your alarm system or view cameras live or in playback from anywhere you can get on the internet.  You can get motion alerts, status alerts, or actively control access to the home for instance if a contractor has shown up to do work in the home.  No need to make arrangements with neighbors or hiding a key under a rock, just buzz them in from Hong Kong!  With so many high-quality integrated solutions, you will never have to worry about your home or family’s safety ever again!

Outdoor Theater space near Atlanta GA featuring 7.1 Surround sound and 4K video at the pool.  Home features Lutron Lighting control as well as a home automation system integrated with CCTV as well as the in home security as well as zoned audio and video distribution
Professionally installed Surround Sound Room 4K OLED Display, audiophile quality audio components, professional video distribution integrated with a professional RTI home automation system.


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